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Okistar provides managed recruitment solutions across Asia & Europe.

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Recruitment & Outsourcing

Okistar provides managed recruitment solutions across Asia & Europe.

Training & Development

We provide extensive range of training & professional development services.

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Recruitment & Outsourcing

Okistar provides managed recruitment solutions across Asia & Europe. Our consultative and collaborative approach aims to reduce clients’ costs while addressing key quality indicators such as time-to-fill and retention.

Recruitment Procedure

Evaluation of client’s (employers) requirements.

Sourcing suitable candidates according to the job specification provided by the client by conducting recruitment drives nationwide

Screening the pool of candidates andshortlisting qualified candidates

Coordinating Medical Screening of the shortlisted candidates

Arranging interview sessions of the candidates with the employers (in person/online)

Arrangement and coordination of trade testing at our facility for the employer to assess and review the candidates’ skill

If the Employer chooses to delegate the responsibility, proceed with the selection process,
Make arrangements, should the Employer require their representative to be present during the selection process.

Prepareand arrange all the documentations accordingly, i.e. attaining the police clearance certificate, ensuring the travel documents/passports are up to date, etc.

Review the candidates’ (recruits) application and provide support to attain their employment visas from the respective embassy or consulate of the host country, in Bangladesh (or at the nearest consulate).

Provide support and logistics to the candidates in attaining the emigration clearance from the ‘Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET)’.

(**A guideline set the by Ministry of Expatriates, Welfare and Overseas Employment of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and is necessary for all individuals pursuing employment opportunities abroad and can only be done after the candidates have received their employment visas**)

Pre-departure orientation of the candidates

Prepare, arrange, co-ordinate and ensure arrival of the workers from Bangladesh to the host country/workplace.

If required, escort the workers and assist the Employer during the induction.

Assign a representative, to follow up with the employer as well as the recruits, so that stakeholders are able to understand and resolve any minor issues/potential issue which may arise in the future

Welfare and aftercare service of employee’s families in case of difficulties and compassionate problems.

If any major disturbance is caused by the candidates at the workplace, we will send our representative to the location and assist the employer in resolving the situation at the shortest time possible


  1. Will bear the repatriation cost in the event of;
        • Any worker failing the medical examinations upon arrival.
        • Any worker leaving/resigning from service of dismissal on disciplinary grounds during the probationary period.
    1. Assist in repatriatingany sick personnel or reception and delivery of their remains to their respective homes’.

    Apart from the recruitment procedures above, we do provide tailored recruitment solutions for our clients, depending on their unique requirements. Do drop us a message at our message box below or alternatively send us an email, we would be glad to assist you.

    Sourcing Point

    With our vast network across Bangladesh, we are able to source suitable candidates at the shortest time possible. We primarily recruit candidates as per our clients requirements from the following sources;

        • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
        • Public and Private Universities
        • German Technical Institute
        • Mawts Institute of Technology
        • Centre for Vocational Training (CVT)
        • Hospitality Training Institutes
        • Government and Private Polytechnics
        • Public and Private Agriculture Institutions
        • Manufacturing Factories around the Country
        • Various Technical &Vocational Training Institutes throughout the country
        • Through Advertisements on local job/employment portals
        • Private Sources, etc

    Okistar’s database of candidates with specific skills/trade, work experience (domestic and international) and competencies to streamline the recruitment cycle. If your organisation, requires your recruits to meet a specific criteria, i.e., returning workers, country specific experience, years of experience, leadership, etc, include the specification on your requirement request.

    Training and Development

    We also provide extensive range of training & professional development services,for our recruits to meet the outlined specifications of our clients.

    We have partnership agreements with the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, accredited technical institutes and vocational training centres, whichwill provide our candidates with internationally benchmarked skill development and certification programs.

    Our partnerships enable unrivalled access for our candidates access to the latest industry standards, technological trends and direct mentorship from certified faculty members with international experience. The certification programs for the candidates are based on their skill level with course difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced level. Each course is designed to prepare the candidate for their work placement which adheres to tier one safety and behavioural standards.

    Our programs enable our recruits to attain the skill certifications according to the clients requirements. This service not only elevates the technical competencies of our recruits, but also benefits our clients by reducing the deployment of resources to veteach candidate.

    Whether your organisation, requiresrecruits to have specific training or skill certification, please feel free to drop us a message, we will accommodate all your requirement’s.

    Development Schedule



    Time Period

    1 Recruitment Drive (Sourcing of potential candidates) 5 – 7 days
    2 Health Screening 2 – 3 days
    3 Interview and Selection of the candidates 2 – 4 days
    4 Trade Tests (if required) 3 – 5 days
    5 Training (if required) 30 – 90 days (depending on the type of training)
    6 Criminal Record (Police Clearance) 21 days (Approx.)
    7 Host Country Visa (Application & Processing) 15 – 45 days (Approx.)
    8 Attaining Necessary Clearances from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) 14 – 21 days (Approx.)
    9 Workers Departure 4 – 7 days (Approx.)


    ** Please note that the deployment time varies and may even take shorter/longer time than the mentioned duration